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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chelsea vs Manchester key facts

  • Man United have been knocked out of the Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup by the end of January for the first time in their history. 
  • Chelsea are unbeaten in their last nine Premier League home games against the Red Devils, winning six and drawing three.
  • Fernando Torres has scored four goals in his last seven Premier League games against Man United.
  • Chelsea have lost as many times in their last seven league games (3) as they had in their previous 53 matches at Stamford Bridge.
  • Wayne Rooney has scored four goals in his last seven Premier League appearances against Chelsea and has also netted on his last two visits to Stamford bridge, one in the league and one in the Champions League.
  • Friday, January 20, 2012

    SOPA and PIPA on hold

    NEW YORK  -- When the entire Internet gets angry, Congress takes notice. Both the House and the Senate on Friday backed away from a pair of controversial anti-piracy bills, tossing them into limbo and throwing doubt on their future viability.
    The Senate had been scheduled to hold a proceedural vote next week on whether to take up the Protect IP Act (PIPA) -- a bill that once had widespread, bipartisan support. But on Friday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he was postponing the vote "in light of recent events."
    Meanwhile, the House of Representatives said it is putting on hold its version of the bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The House will "postpone consideration of the legislation until there is wider agreement on a solution," House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith said in a written statement.
    The moves came after several lawmakers flipped their position on the bills in the wake of widespread online and offline protests against them.

    Facebook publishes koobface virus identity

    Facebook said meanwhile that its security team had helped knock out a  which controlled a Koobface "" of malware-infected personal computers.
    According to Jan Droemer, an independent computer security researcher, and Dirk Kollberg of security firm SophosLabs, the five members of the Koobface gang live in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    In a blog post, Sophos said evidence and the identities of the five Koobface suspects has been handed over to law enforcement.
    The Koobface virus first emerged in 2008, spreading in the form of messages with subject lines such as "You look just awesome in this new movie."
    Users who clicked on the message were informed their Flash player was out of date and were prompted to download , exposing their computer to Koobface malware.
    Koobface tricked some owners of infected personal computers into buying anti-virus software and enlisted their machines into a botnet made up of hundreds of thousands of infected computers.
    "Koobface was able to perform these actions by communicating with a central 'Command & Control' server, which directed the compromised computers to do the gang's bidding," Facebook said.
    "This remained the case until last March, when Facebook Security was able to perform a technical takedown of this 'Command & Control' Mothership," it said.
    "Since then we have had no new sightings of Koobface for over nine months and our teams are working hard to keep it that way," Facebook said.
    "While we have been able to keep Koobface off Facebook, we won't declare victory against the virus until its authors are brought to justice," it said.
    "To this end, we will be sharing our intelligence with the rest of the online security community in the coming weeks in an effort to rid the Web of this virus forever," Facebook said.

    Anonymous Vengeance on US Government

    Anonymous launched a massive cyber attack against U.S. government and anti-piracy websites yesterday in response to the shut down of one of the world's biggest file-sharing services. was taken offline by U.S. authorities and its founder and several company executives were arrested on charges of violating privacy laws.
    Revenge attacks targeted sites for anti-piracy organisations RIAA and MPAA (America's Recording Industry Association and Motion Picture Association), record label Universal Music, and the Department of Justice.

    The sites were all disabled for some time yesterday.

    There were reports that an Anonymous-affiliated Twitter account had boasted of the success of the attacks, but the profile had been removed by the time MailOnline checked today.

    A statement posted on document sharing site purportedly by Anonymous yesterday said: 'We Anonymous are launching our largest attack ever on government and music industry sites. Lulz.
    'The FBI didn't think they would get away with this did they? They should have expected us.'

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012



    There are already laws that protect copyrighted material, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). But while the DMCA focuses on removing specific, unauthorized content from the Internet, SOPA and PIPA instead target the platform -- that is, the site hosting the unauthorized content.
    The bills would give the Justice Department the power to go after foreign websites willfully committing or facilitating intellectual property theft -- "rogue" sites like The Pirate Bay. The government would be able to force U.S.-based companies, like Internet service providers, credit card companies and online advertisers, to cut off ties with those sites.Content groups like the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and business representatives like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, argue that innovation and jobs in content-creating industries are threatened by growing Internet piracy. Overseas websites, they argue, are a safe haven for Internet pirates profiting off their content.
    According to the Global Intellectual Property Center, which is part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, intellectual property-intensive sectors employ more than 19 million people in the U.S. and create $7.7 trillion in gross output. Foreign website operators currently outside the bounds of U.S. law; SOPA and PIPA would help quell illegitimate Internet activity.
    In a statement, former Sen. Chris Dodd, who is now chairman and CEO of the MPAA, called the blackout day a "gimmick."
    "It's a dangerous and troubling development when the platforms that serve as gateways to information intentionally skew the facts to incite their users in order to further their corporate interests," Dodd said.
    CBS Corporation, which owns, is a member of the Copyright Alliance -- an industry group representing content producers that supports SOPA and PIPA.Internet companies and their investors would readily say that they're holding the "blackout" to protect their corporate interests -- and the entire burgeoning Internet-based economy.
    "The success of Reddit... is one of the smaller examples of the success that has happened in our industry -- and will continue to unless bills like SOPA or PIPA become law," Ohanian said Tuesday.
    Under the rules SOPA or PIPA would impose, Ohanian and others argue, start ups wouldn't be able to handle the costs that come with defending their sites against possible violations. Such sites would not be able to pay the large teams of lawyers that established sites like Google or Facebook can afford.
    The legislation in question targets foreign companies whose primary purpose is to sell stolen or counterfeit goods -- but opponents say domestic companies could still be held liable for linking to their content. While sites like Reddit wouldn't have a legal duty to monitor their sites all the time, "you might have your pants sued off of you" if you don't, said Jayme White, staff director for the Senate Finance Subcommittee on international trade.
    Brad Burnham, managing partner at the venture capital fund Union Square Ventures, said his company has avoided investing in companies related to the music industry because of the copyright risks -- but under the proposed legislation, that risk would hit just about any Internet company. SOPA and PIPA, he said, "takes the risk of frivolous litigation... to the entire Internet."
    That should be a concern, Burnham said, when the Internet accounts for 21 percent of economic growth among developed nations, according to one study.
    The impacts could go beyond the economy, some argue. Rebecca MacKinnon, a senior fellow at the nonpartisan New America Foundation, argues that if blogging platforms are motivated to monitor their content, that could have "a tremendous chilling effect on people tyring to conduct political discourse and trying to use content in a fair use context."

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    Hackers to threat parents PC's by the use of their Children vulnerability

    Children are the latest target for writers of computer viruses - seen as an easy 'way in' to their parents PCs.
    Hackers are targeting children with sites that install malicious software on PCs, disguised as innocent-looking cartoon gaming websites. 
    But the sites quietly load programs onto the PCs which lurk in the background, which can steal information from adults, long after the children have logged off. 
    Youngsters are seen as easy targets, because they  will not stop and think before clicking on a link, whereas adults tend to be slightly more cautious.
    Children are targeted using sites that offer free games - with one, reportedly infecting 12,600 computers, according to Czech security firm Avast virus lab.
    Others such as also pose a risk, says the security firm.

    'Games like these require clicking and children don’t think much about what they are clicking on,' said Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST Software. 'This makes them – or their parents’ computer – quite susceptible to malicous software.'
    The 'driveby downloads' infect the computer with trojan software that direct the PC towards sites which infect it with further malicious software.Within the last month, the security firm identified 60 sites with the word 'Game' or 'Arcade' in the title which were infected with malicious software - either through the sites themselves, or infected adverts. 
    The way children browse the web - impulsively hopping between different sites - makes them easy targets, says Avast. 

    'If there is something dangerous, a child will find it,' said Mr. Vlcek.

    Most of the infected sites seem legitimate, although some may have been created specifically to distribute malware. 

    There is no way to visually spot the danger.
    As ever, the solution is to ensure you are using an up-to-date browser and have security features such as warnings activated. 
    Antivirus programs such as Norton can be set up to give warnings that a site may be infected, or even that individual adverts may pose a risk.
    'At a minimum, people need an antivirus program that looks for various kinds of malware and scans websites for infections,' stated Mr. Vlcek.

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    The Latest on Gary Cahill

    Gary Cahill to join Chelsea
    It is almost a done deal which is going to be official either tonight or tomorrow. Gary Cahill has agreed to join Chelsea Football Club at around 7m according to the reports on UK. Gary Cahill will be out of contract at the end of the season so if he joins Chelsea this transfer window Bolton will also be on profit. Earlier, Villas Boas has said he will hoping to sign two new players this January and now Cahill is set to be the first one and let's see who will be the second player to uplift the season for Chelsea. 

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    The Return of the King

    This is the 125th year running of Arsenal Football Club and Thierry Henry was there for the gunners. 
    Thierry Henry has signed on a loan deal for about two months from New York Red Bulls.  The match was a FA Cup tie between Arsenal and Leeds in the 3rd round. Arsenal were struggling to make a breakthrough as Henry watches from the bench. On came the 68th minute of the game where Thierry Henry substituted Chamakh to make an emotional return to his favorite club. It took him just 10 minutes to score for the gunners to mark this day a momentous day of his life, of Arsenal's 125th year running and of course  of the faithful gunners fans. Thierry Henry with his trademark finish scored the only goal of the game as David Beckham applauded his counterpart from the stands.

    FA Cup the oldest cup the regaling cup

    It is still the 3rd round of this oldest cup and yet it has already begun to be the most interesting tournament of this planet. It was the Manchester derby football fans were eyeing on. Manchester derby has always been the most interesting derby ever and nonetheless it did't disappoint us. The game was great. The turning point was definitely the sending off of city's skipper Vincent Company but before that united was one up by Rooney's header. United then went on to score three goals. Danny Welback and again Rooney were on the score sheet. It was the matter of pride, the matter of fame, the matter of bragging rights. City's resilience was being tested at at every kick of the game. 2nd half kicked off. City went on to score two goals(Kalrov and Aguero). Many of us thought a comeback is on the way for city but it was united who won this time. The game's another important point was the re-introduction of Paul Scholes.
    On the other mathes Chelsea showed a great second half and won the game by four goals to nil against financially struggling Portsmouth.(Mata, Ramires(2), Lampard). Sheffield Wednesday defeated West Ham 1-0 and Sunderland defeated Peterborough 2-0.